Deadbolts are associated with safety and security since they provide a means of securing doors. Typically deadbolts consist of a mechanism that securely attaches to the door frame. The term “dead” signifies that the locking mechanism or bolt doesn’t move autonomously and requires locking and unlocking. If you’re considering purchasing a deadbolt this guide will cover everything you need to know about them.

There are three types of deadbolts that you should know about:

Single cylinder deadbolt

Single cylinder deadbolt is the type that is used the most, featuring a keyhole on the outside and a knob, on the inside.

Double cylinder deadbolt

Double cylinder deadbolt does not have a knob. This means that both sides of the deadbolt require locking and unlocking using a key.

Keyless deadbolt

Keyless deadbolt works as the other two types, but as the name suggests it is operated without a key. Instead of a keyhole, this type works with a keypad.

If you’re uncertain about which deadbolt would be the most suitable for your needs, it’s advisable to consult with a professional locksmith, who can offer recommendations. Gaining control to a deadbolt mechanisms is extremely difficult for the reason they are typically installed alongside the latches, not like handles or doorknobs locks.

Safety Considerations

Although deadbolt locks are not easily compromised it is crucial to be aware of the whereabouts of the keys for that lock in the case of double cylinder deadbolts. Being unable to unlock the door could have consequences during an emergency. That’s why it is sometimes suggested that the deadbolt be used only when there is no one at home.

The mere presence of a deadbolt often deters criminals from targeting your property. Directs them toward other easy targets. The time and effort required to compromise a deadbolt simply isn’t worth it for a thief. However if a deadbolt lock is breached it usually happens at the connection between the lock and the door frame. Burglars can inflict damage on the frame until the metal bolt comes away from its position. Therefore proper installation, by a certified locksmith is crucial to ensure security.

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