The deadbolt and deadlatch are two used lock mechanisms that can sometimes cause confusion due, to their similarities. Insurance policies usually require the installation of either a deadbolt or a deadlatch to ensure coverage for your home. Considering the range of options, in the market it is advisable to seek guidance from a professional locksmith who can help you choose the best solution that suits your style and requirements.

Defining the Deadbolt

Deadbolts are designed to require a key, for both locking and unlocking doors. They are often installed on doors that already have a doorknob offering a level of security. When nobody is, at home the door essentially has a double lock feature. The usual practice is to use the doorknob when you’re inside and the deadbolt when you’re outside. On both sides of the door you’ll typically see an oval shaped plate that holds the keyhole.

Defining the Deadlatch

A deadlatch is designed to lock itself when the door is closed. It only requires a key, for unlocking. In some deadlatch designs you can. Open the door from the inside using the latch without needing a key but this convenience can also lead to accidental lockouts. Deadlatches are commonly found on doors that either don’t have handles or have them for aesthetic reasons.

Deadbolt or Deadlatch: Which One to Choose?

If you’re, in need of a lock that can be easily closed and automatically locks securely a deadlatch is the option for you. On the hand if you already have a doorknob set up and want to add a layer of security with the ability to control when its locked a deadbolt is the best choice.

If you happen to find yourself locked out because you closed your deadlatch and accidentally left your key inside don’t worry! Our team of locksmiths is available to assist you. Additionally we offer deadbolts and deadlatches for purchase from our store. Feel free to reach out to our team, for expert advice on improving your home security.

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